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Full Body Assessment

If you feel like there’s numerous issues going on in your body, or you have a lot of discomfort or dysfunction then we look to the Full Body Assessment. 

It’s also ideal for high performance athlete looking at improving their race times next season as I can analyse where additional gains can easily be made by optimising efficiency within key joint movements.

What is Involved?

A Full Body Assessment is the complete Biomechanics package we offer and looks at all joints in your body and their capacity for movement. We do a full top to toe analysis of what movement you have and what movements are inhibited allowing us to create a more informed 14 day plan to better target any issues you’re facing with restrictive movement. You will then be invited for a retest at 14-21 days to see your progress and further plan if required

Stretching with Elastic Bands

Book Online

Start to improve your movement by booking your Mobility Assessment securely through Online.

Your assessment will take place at our private gym in Ormskirk unless otherwise agreed and will take around 60 minutes. We will give you an initial overview immediately after, with a technique to help improve your mobility and movement then send a follow up email with a written report and links to additional exercises linked to our website or YouTube channel. We pride ourselves on always being an email or phone call away if you need extra help.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

What Happens…

In a full body assessment we take your body through a range of movements, using evidence based research, we can assess whether each movement is within range for a normal functioning body or look at obtaining a greater range for high performance. 

Most of the tests are completed on a massage table, which you may need to sit down for and there are a few where you stand up. You will be barefoot for most of the tests, although some tests require trainers or running shoes. Wearing leggings or shorts makes testing easier, I recommend a sports bra for women, and ideally a sports vest or t-shirt. One of the spine tests involve me looking at your back, so it is helpful if you’re happy to lift your top at the back ladies, or go topless for the men. If you’re really uncomfortable about that it’s fine, we can just leave that test out.

Once the tests have been completed we’ll provide you and your coach (if you have one) with the results and I’ll provide a 14 day plan to address any issues we uncover.

Please be aware that I cannot perform an assessment on a client experiencing “pain” without them consulting a GP first. I am not a clinician and cannot diagnose the cause of pain, and it’s always best to seek medical help with the issue first. I am happy to assess other areas of your body as they may be contributing to the pain you’re experiencing, but I will not assess a painful area without a GP report. 

Physical Therapy Session

After Your Assessment

Prepare, Strengthen & Stabilise

Once we have completed your assessment I will provide an athlete focused report which summarises the findings. A Full Body Assessment includes a detailed clinical report, ideal for clinicians or athletes and coaches with a good understanding of anatomy.

I’ll explain what movements are being inhibited and I’ll give you a 14 day plan so we can get you moving correctly again. It can take longer than the 14 days but every individual body has a different start, history and will adapt differently but many clients see huge improvements once they complete that 14 day plan.

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