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Run Squad

If you have a passion for running and want to join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, our running club is perfect for you! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, we offer a variety of benefits and activities to help you reach your running goals. Join us today and start your running journey!


Free Group Runs

At our running club, we are committed to promoting a love for running and fostering a supportive and inclusive community. Our mission is to provide a platform for runners of all levels to connect, improve, and achieve their fitness goals. With a rich history of empowering runners, we offer a range of  benefits, exciting activities, and engaging events throughout the year.

Tuesdays 6pm - SheRuns Ladies Run Club

Strictly for the ladies, Join Coach Vicki as we guide you through all things runner development from startin at the very beginning to structured intervals towards your next goal

Wednesday 6pm - Speed/Pace Development

Join Coach Dan for some paced intensity training on local roads. If you're training for a specific event, let Dan know and we can amend your intensity zones accordingly via our coaching platform 'Training Peaks'

Saturdays 9am - SheRuns Ladies Run Club

Join Coach Vicki for our 8week 5km development program which ends with a 5km time trial at a local Parkrun

Group Run Sessions

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Training Peaks

To enable us to implement our expertise in utilising the latest analytical tools we require athletes to commit to training with heart rate monitors or power meters. It is imperative that the athlete be able to upload data frequently to Training Peaks to allow our coaches to continually adapt a progressive triathlon or cycling training programme.


Want to provide our coaching team with your stats ahead of a consultation?

Use the link below to setup a free Training peaks account and link directly to Coach Dan

(new TP accounts may need to click the link again after initial setting up the account)

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