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“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more"

Dan's Challenge

Every year Dan takes on an utterly horrendous, completely unplanned and untrained charity event that pushes the physical limits into what most would class as insanity.

This year, depsite taking on Marathon in October and training for an ultra marathon in March (amongst other races), Dan has vowed to complete the dreaded Angie workout, EVERY day, for one HUNDRED consecutive days starting September 16th.

Now there is a slight adjustment to the workout, due to having to do a fair few days away from the studio (or running a marathon) Pull ups will be replaced by burpees, thus creating the D'Angie Workout!

So the full workout, every day, will be:

100 Burpees, 100 PushUps, 100 Situps & 100 AirSquats

All monies rasied will go towards two mental health & Suicide support charities very clode to Dan's heart; 'The JED Foundation' which has directly supported two of his teams in Florida this past year & 'Young Minds' who offer similar support in the UK.

All 100 days will be covered on our socials and Vlogged to both youtube & Ko-fi where donations will be taken and the challenge trackable

Please check out the charities, the services they offer and the work they have done so far...

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