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Our Programs


By joining Westryv Postnatal Fitness you will join us on a journey to an active and healthy postnatal life with your baby. 

Our Postnatal Classes are carefully designed and are suitable from 6 weeks postpartum; they prioritise your recovery from childbirth, and the rehabilitation of you abdominals, back and pelvis by focusing on safe core exercises and pelvic floor strengthening exercises in every session.

Babies and children are welcome to join you as you regain you postpartum strength in all of our postnatal sessions therefore, no childcare needed. 



Postnatal exercise is not just for you; it’s something for your baby too. Our fitness classes are designed for you and your baby, immerse yourself into a fitness experience that caters to both your well-being and your baby’s development.

I provide a safe space for you baby to play and socialise while you workout next to them, or they can join you on your mat to exercise with you. Your baby is an integral part of the experience, allowing you to enjoy workouts together without the need for childcare.

The postnatal fitness classes become more than just a workout – they are a chance to meet like-minded mums, share experiences, and build friendships within your local area.

Postnatal Stronger

Postnatal Stronger is our level 2 class, leading on from Postnatal Rehab and is suitable for mums from 12 weeks postpartum.

There is still a focus on the abdominals, back and pelvic floor while developing strength and fitness from working the biceps, triceps, chest, glutes and calves. Its a full body workout designed to enhance your strength and develop your fitness.

The programme is designed to work on strength through lifting weights and develop cardio through different styles of fitness sessions as we progress towards joining our Westryv Stronger program.  



Safety is paramount here at WeStryv, each postnatal class is led by Vicki who is qualified personal trainer and postnatal exercise specialist who has been through pregnancy and postpartum exercise and understands the unique needs of postpartum bodies.

The Postpartum Fitness Program is a full body workout in all sessions with dedicated time for core and pelvic floor mat-work, thus ensuring that all mums no matter what level of class they are in can rehabilitate their core and pelvic floor while also focusing on building their strength in a small but supportive environment.


Postnatal Rehab

Postnatal Rehab is our level 1 class suitable from 6 weeks postpartum, focusing on rehabilitation and recovery of the abdominals, back and pelvic floor  through exercise based movement.

Postnatal Rehab sessions are mat-work based classes with mum and baby exercises to help you develop strength and confidence in lifting your baby as they grow.  

Progress onto Postnatal Stronger once you are feeling strong enough to lift weights and develop strength. This is different for every mum and will always focus on you. 

Postnatal Class Timetable

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WeStryv Ladies Running Club is designed to get women & Mums back to running in a women only environment, so we can all work at our own levels and support each other.


The ladies sessions have been developed to help women start on their running journey and then improve / enhance their running ability.  The aim is to create a running community in Ormskirk for women


What Our

Mommies Say

“Vicki and her sessions are brilliant.

I have a baby and a 4 year old and it can be hard to leave the house and find time for myself. Vicki's Baby&Me and Buggybeat sessions have really helped my mental health, confidence, body shape and fitness levels. By doing 2 sessions a week i managed time for me while both children were entertained with other children of similar ages.

Thank you so much”


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Class Packs

  • Postnatal Pack 5

    5 Postnatal Class Pack
    Valid for 2 months
    • 5% Block Booking Discount
  • Postnatal Pack 10

    10x Postnatal Group Sessions
    Valid for 3 months
    • 10% Block Booking Discount
  • Postnatal Pack 20

    20 Postnatal Class Pack
    Valid for 5 months
    • 20% Block Booking Discount
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