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Updates to our admistrative processes 2023/24

As part of our continued upgrades across the full WeStryv brand, we ask all of our valued members to complete or renew a PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire). This ensures that whilst you may have verbally informed us of any changes, that we maintain records to best serve you at all times.

Please find the most Recent PARQ Here

We have updated our Onboarding Questionnaire. Whilst this is aimed at new enquirers to joining our team, we do wish to get everyone logged on this format before the new year. If you have recently set new goal races/times, then this will be especially important.

Please find the Questionnaire Here

Coaching Tiers One of the biggest changes we have made this year is to the coaching tiering systems, if you haven't yet had a look the changes, please check them out here

Coach Listing. For those that run, Please could you have a look at This is a formal log of all races that athletes complete over the years, including official PB times. In recent years it has become a knowledge pot for athletes when looking for a coach in the uk and as such we'd like those willing to do so, to add Dan as your listed coach. (If you have never been registered with England Athletics, you may not have an account but can register for one if you wish)

The feedback form. This one is optional but carries the greatest developmental value to the services we provide, how we provide them and how we can best show how much each and every person means to us. We also wish to take great pride in displaying your responses across all our media platforms

Please find the Feedback Form Here

Finally, open reviewing. I know, we're asking lots of things at once, but it seems easier this way that repeatedly pestering. We're listed across various medias, all of which have there own reviewing processes, and each carries it's own value when people look us up. Please, if you get a chance, drop a review on our Google, Facebook & LinkedIn pages

We appreciate that these may take time to complete, especially if there's alot of detail required for some of the answers, but please do fill out with as much detail as you can.

As always, if you have any questions on anything listed here, or in fact, anything at all, please drop either of us an email: or

Thank you once again for being an awesome member of our WeStryv family

Dan & Vicki

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