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Stretching : When to do it and what to include

Every week I get at least one new enquiry about stretching routines, whether it be from training niggles, tightness or the desire to recover faster from workouts.

Ive always promoted a flexibility routine pre-workout, all of my gym based clients will know the routine by heart as you cant train with me without doing them first, theyre great for warming the body up and improve your range of motion in both the gym and in your general active lifestyle, after a few consistent weeks the difference is notable, in everyone.

Secondary to this is the end of activity streches, these are static poses that help open the muscles back up after the impact of your training.

But when to do each?

The warmup stretching can be an everyday task but any consistency will help, whether it be once a week or just when you need somehting different to do, in the below video, ive used it for all of the rest days as a recovery exercise.

The cooldown element is after every physical activity, especially when exerting in training. Quite simply, it should be after every occasion, the more the better.

So, below is the video from lockdown 2021 that was part of an online series I produced for free whilst raising money & awareness for my chosen charity of the year (Ovarian Cancer), where we rasied over £2500.

This years' charity (2022) is 'Rainbow Trust' who help & support families with a seriously ill child, something that became phenomenaly important and more necessary than ever during and post lockdowns, parenting logistics made less complicated because they're there, by your side, a living guardian angel. Please, if you find the video of use, drop a donation via the following link to keep the amazing work going.

If you'd like to try the full program from February 2021, please visit my instagram page @dangilbodypt where you'll find the program under guides.

For personal training/coaching, gym based or online, please get in touch to discuss the options available

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