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High Protein Vegan Snack option

QUESTION: What’s your bread of choice when it comes to avocado toast? 👇🏼⁣

Well rye sourdough would be one for my and it’s what I’ve used as a vessel for this tasty BUTTER BEAN AVOCADO SMASH 🥑🍞 ⁣

I love this variation of a classic because addition of butter beans adds fibre, protein, volume, and extra nuttiness! 🌟⁣

Here is the recipe for you to try! ⁣


Serves: 2⁣


✅1 large ripe Hass avocado ⁣

✅1 tin butter beans, drained & rinsed⁣

✅1 teaspoon sea salt ⁣

✅Pepper to taste ⁣


1. Place all the above ingredients into a bowl and mash together until almost smooth ⁣

2. Serve with:⁣

- thick slices of toasted bread of choice ⁣

- cherry tomatoes

Enjoy! Definitely let me know if you try it ✨ Happy ! ⁣

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